November 29, 2009

The Chosen One

Prior to the season, Allan Iverson tweeted that "God chose Memphis as the place I will continue my career."

Actually Memphis was the only team interested, so the Grizzlies chose him. If God had a choice, he'd have Iverson carrying Rodney Stuckey's equipment bag back in Detroit.

That would be a little justice for the tank job AI pulled in the Motor City last season.

Iverson may think his game is divine, but his attitude is not. He continued to sulk in Memphis this season, unwilling to follow through with the sacrifices he promised to make.

Iverson was a spectacular player and a constant source of amusement. And he had, by far, the best cornrows the NBA has ever seen. Period. 

But now, former coaches John Thompson and Larry Brown are jumping to the rescue, attempting to lure Iverson out of retirement as if he were some saint making a sinful premature exodus. 

And lo, yesterday, the 76ers said they were interested. So, repent ye all, repent ye all, repent ye all, haters! Prepare for his resurrection!

The "We talkin' about practice" video: really gets funny around :50