September 29, 2009

Rose colored glasses

I've always had a soft spot for Pete Rose, the The Hit King. Check my previous post about how Charlie Hustle bears a striking resemblance to aging disco star K.C. of the Sunshine Band.

When baseball's annual Hall of Fame discussion comes up, Rose is always in the middle of it, sticking his foot further and further down his mouth.

I loved Pete's relentless approach to the game, and head-first slides. But seeing him hawk autographs down the street from Hall of Fame ceremonies in Cooperstown is embarrassing.

Despite his desperate attempts to get back in the game, Rose will always be the star of one of baseball's best TV commercials. I hadn't seen this in thirty years but was still able to hum the words from verse one.

Whether he is hawking autographs or splashing on Aqua Velva, Rose is all wet.