August 26, 2009

Un-Retirement Party - You're Invited!

I haven't posted a blog entry in a month. Well folks, I've decided to come out of retirement. I talked it over with the family and I decided it was the best thing for me and the team. 

Is my 'coming out of retirement' announcement any more preposterous than those of Brett Favre, Roger Clemens or Michael Jordan? I think not.

Year after year, we're reminded by the media that every touchdown, every dunk, every tobacco loogie could be the player's last. A tearful press conference is held to say goodbye.

Until they return the next season with a media-hyped comeback. Can you imagine if 46 year-old Jamie Moyer pulled this crap every year?

I realize the NFL delights in media coverage not related to a gun charge, but the Favre charade was ridiculous.

Minute-by-minute helicopter coverage of Favre's every move? For an aging backup with a five o clock shadow in grimy cargo shorts? Spare me.

Let's face it. Athletes are babies. And for some of these guys, endorsements, strippers and multi-million dollar contracts aren't enough.

They also throw press conference birthday parties to stroke the ego. The publicity-starved team that makes the risky sign gets ink and tv coverage. And the media have a lead story. Everyone's happy.

But I wouldn't have returned unless I truly felt I had something left in the tank. I wanted to go out on a high note, and I felt this blog was a good fit.

I want to tell all my fans that I'll make sure to let you know if I hang it up for good. But I promise to talk it over with family if I come out of retirement. Again.