July 15, 2009

2009 MLB All Star Game

The 2009 All Star game felt like a three-hour commercial for its biggest corporate sponsors. I forget who won the game - the American League, or Budweiser?

One thing I know for sure is that Flomax got more coverage in the Home Run Contest than Brandon Inge, who failed to knock one out of the park.

Flomax is an appropriate product for Inge, who was embarrassed by his own dribblers.

Joe Buck, who raced through the introductions for both teams, managed to give extended intros to St. Louis players and natives as if they were royalty.

And color man Tim McCarver, an ex-Cardinal, was beaming like it was his first birthday party.

Cardinals fans booed the intro of pitcher Ted Lilly, who plays for the rival Chicago Cubs. Why?

Since 1908, the Cubs have yet to a win a title, yet the Cards have racked up 10 World Series trophies in that time. So maybe St. Louis needs to choose a "rival" that doesn't play like the Bad News Bears.

Kudos to Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carl Crawford, the MVP of the game, who said that the spectacular catch he made was "definitely probably the best catch" he ever made.

I totally, sort of, definitely, maybe agree. For sure. Perhaps.

At one point I noticed my gardener playing first base and wearing a Padres uniform. Oh wait, that was Adrian Gonzalez.

And I'm still trying to figure out if the close-up of that bald dude in the stands is the guy from 'Fringe' or David Cone.

All in all, it was a quick, enjoyable game. Until the camera focused on the frightening face of Commissioner Bud Selig, who looks like a C grade CPA on decaf.

I'm going to watch the legends and celebrities game again on TiVo. Sadly, the 2009 All Star Game just didn't compare with Jenna Fischer's batting stance and home runs by Nelly and Andy Richter.


Anonymous said...

I got on your site because I googled bald fringe guy at all-star game. Anyways, just had to comment that it really is expected for the hosting city or team of an all-star game to feature some of its best players throughout the ages. It is expected. Seeing their 6 living hall of famers on a national stage honors them, next year another city can honor their guys.

Anonymous said...

I think the fringe dude was there for fox to promote the show and probably for an episode. as for the game it was pretty exciting