May 21, 2009

Peaved at Peavy

Today Jake Peavy rejected a proposed trade to the Chicago White Sox. Big surprise. We've been through this song and dance several times through the years.

I've written before about the absurd amount of media coverage this guy gets. You'd think Peavy was the second coming of Bob Feller.

Why is the world so hung up on the future of Jake Peavy? He pitches in the National league West, the beer league division of baseball.

And why is Peavy so picky? What does he want, a red carpet welcome with klieg lites? Beluga caviar and truffles in the clubhouse spread?

Is he holding out for the private jet package that Sheriff Malone gave Kevin Brown? Does he want the trainer, masseuse and fresh seafood deal that Theo Epstein granted Deisuke Matsuzaka?

Some team is going to snap their spine bending over backwards for this guy. And sportswriters will be tongue-tied when the deal finally goes down. What is there to talk about other than Jake Peavy?

Why don't the Padres brass obtain a list from Peavy of the teams to which he would accept a trade? Is that so insane?

Then we wouldn't all have to suffer through the nonsense like today's Peavy to White Sox non-story.

Wait, hold on a minute. Big news! Jake Peavy just ate a BLT. Jake Peavy! Jake Peavy! Jake Peavy!


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