April 20, 2009

2009 MLB Preview Video

Can Sweet Lou lead the Cubbies to a title without blowing a gasket? Can C.C. Sabathia outduel Kobiyashi in a chow-down? Will some GM, for the love of God, pull off a trade for Jake Peavy?

These questions and more are answered by Jon Miller and Joe Morgan in my new animated video "Baseball with Jon and Joe".

I love Jon Miller. He has charisma, with a unique style that departs from cookie-cutter copycats.

He's upbeat and entertaining, and if you really want a laugh, check out Miller's impression of Vin Scully in Japanese. It is sheer brilliance.

As for his longtime sidekick, Joe Morgan, wake me from my nap. I find him slightly more bearable than Tim McCarver, which isn't saying a lot.

Morgan should consider golf, where the hushed monotone of announcers also lulls the viewer into a deep slumber.

Both Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver seem to think their analysis comes from the mountain. But listening to them stumble over their brain synapses is so maddening it drives you to hit MUTE.


Anonymous said...

Great one-liners and savvy assessments too, had a smile on my face the whole time.

Anonymous said...
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Billy Vasquez said...

Great animation & funny commentary - give this "Pedro's Sports Shorts" guy a broadcasting gig already!!