February 10, 2009

Will Manny Boras to death?

It's fascinating to see malcontent baseball superstars languish unsigned this winter, as the new economy trickles down to sports.

Manny Ramirez's agent, Scott Boras, is a notorious negotiator with dubious methods. He likes his players to sign for the most money offered. But in baseball's new fickle economy, Boras overestimated the market and may have lost Manny forty-five million dollars when all is said and done.

Ramirez needs a more kick-back and likable agent who can close the deal. How about L'Montro? The affable, popular baseball barber known for his inventive fades and braids. Monty Hall, anyone? Can I get a Lew Wasserman?

For fifteen years, Ramirez took heat, but escaped excessive criticism because of his hitting prowess and personality. But Manny's transgressions are finally coming back to haunt him. It's too risky to invest long-term in a thirty-seven year old malcontent with questionable base-running and defensive skills.

But The Dodgers want Manny back and continue to make offers despite two contract rejections. Will Manny re-sign with L.A.?

He energized a young Dodger team, the fans of Los Angeles, and lifted a team going south to the Championship Series. His Dominican roots and eccentric personality make for a perfect fit in L.A.

So what's the hold up? Time will tell...

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