February 19, 2009


Choo-Choo. Mookie. Dizzy.

Daffy Dean. Duffy Dyer.

Baseball's nicknames are poetic. Sluggers have authoritative ones like 'Sultan of Swat' or 'Hammerin Hank'. And smaller infielders bear more diminutive nicknames like Pokey and Pee Wee.

Some are based on appearance, some on reputation. And unless you already have a nickname, players and coaches will find a way to give you one. I've noticed placing an "o" or "ie" at the end of the first syllable of the last name is the last resort.

So if I wasn't known as Pedro, Handelman would become Hando or Handie. At least in Tito Francona's world.

Besides, it would just sound awkward listening to a skipper praise the skills of a player named William or Charles. Turk or Daddy Long Legs slide off the tongue real pretty-like instead.

I hereby propose a few nicknames for the upcoming season. Bud Selig; Dopey. Alex Rodriguez; Doper. Manny Ramirez; Moper.

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Mo said...

I know where to come when I need a new nick name