February 20, 2009

Bud Out

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently declared that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has shamed the game of baseball. Bullroar!

The only shame in the game is the mound of dandruff that always collects on Selig's cheap blue blazer. That and the frightening mask of grotesque confusion that he wears on his face at every press conference or game.

He looks like a C-grade CPA on decaf.

A-Rod may be a naive, narcissistic, choker, but he was outed by his union in what was supposed to be a private test.

Is that stupid? Yes. Why shouldn't the public know? The baseball union had its way on those particular tests in not making results known.

But Bonds and Giambi lied to a Grand Jury. Where was Selig's "shame" speech for them? A Rod only fibbed for Katie Couric.

And unlike a co-operative Rodriguez, Bonds always treated the media like pigs.

I'm assuming someone with a grudge was paid off. This one just smells funny to me. Who are the other 103? Not fair to single A-Rod out.

This whole thing is really a mess now. Tejada, Clemens, Petitte, Rodriguez, Bonds.

But stoning the players in front of the media feels old now. It is time for some trainers, some brave GMs, some managers and some Union Reps to take the fall here.

A thirst for the long ball after the strike made owners turn a blind eye to rampant PED use in the clubhouse - supplied by all sorts of "trainers" that are no longer permitted.

Let's hear the whole story. At this point, forcing apologies from players feels like a case of "Don't Blame The Messenger".

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Billy Vasquez said...

Maybe a "Juiced Hall of Fame" should be created!