January 20, 2009

The lovely lesbians at Staples Center

When you've watched as many NBA games on television as I have, you begin to look for entertainment off the court.

When fouls, timeouts and blowouts bring the energy down, I begin to look to the crowd for relief. Sure, screaming fanatics wearing face paint in the nosebleeds are fun, but courtside fans are the ticket holders who fascinate me.

The networks like to cutaway to courtside celebrities - Leo, Denzell, and Andy Garcia. But I'm more curious about the "little people" beside them.

These nobodies get plenty of face time, constantly televised during timeouts and inbounds plays. They become familiar fixtures in the cast of a game.

At Staples Center in Los Angeles, there's "caveman", at center court, with dark black hair and goatee. There's the Alice Cooper look-alike with long locks and a western hat. I'm told he's a real estate big-wig. Vic the Brick, the purple and gold rabbi. And my favorites, the lesbians.

That's what I call them. Of course I don't know for sure, but they are an adorable couple. They never miss a game. I mean NEVER. And they are always together, clapping, cheering, and acting like real fans.

And with courtside tickets priced at $2,500 a pop, these lesbians have invested their money wisely.

They sit directly beside the visiting team's coaches and can be seen on the right side of the photo in this post. Who is the woman on the right? A philanthropist from Pasadena? And her partner? A poker-faced mystery.

In a city where fans miss the fourth quarter to get a jump on traffic, its wonderful to see them stick it out through garbage time on a regular basis. To me, the lesbians are Laker fixtures as much as Jack Nicholson or Billy Bertka.

Cheers to you, lesbian Laker fans. You put me at ease when I see you in your seats.


Anonymous said...

oh there lez-b-ins all right! I tried hitting on the asian one @ an art fund raiser for the city years ago,,,she shot me down,,,,,totaly gay!

Mark said...

Its driving me CRAZY. I NEED to know who these ladies are. I tried all over the place to look for who they are to no avail. Particularly the Asian woman. She's a character.

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Rosemary said...
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Rosemary said...

If the sports game becomes too boring or painful to watch, there are always the sidelines to switch your attention to. What I really love are politicians being booed by fans when their faces were focused on the wide screen.

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