October 8, 2008

Jerry Remy Karaoke Night!

I admit it. I'm obsessed with Jerry Remy. Something about the blue collar personality combined with a refusal to censor himself make for an appealing combination as a color man. There is no BS from the Rem Dog - he tells it like he sees it.

The brutal honesty, the authentic Boston accent and the wheezing cackle Remy makes when giggling with play-by-play partner Don Orsillo are more than enough to justify the MLB package, and giving Time Warner $159 of my wife's hard earned cash.

October 4, 2008

2008 MLB Playoff Observations

Ah, The Playoffs. A time of crisp, fall breezes, manager second-guessing, and heroes and goats. 
Joe Maddon's paunch is smaller, and Lou Piniella's is bigger.

Joe Torre has a tan and Dale Sveum actually had to get a shave. Not since Sal 'The Barber' Maglie has there been a more memorable five o'clock shadow than the stubble on Sveum.

Tampa fans are so unaccustomed to the long ball, they run for cover when a bomb hits the bleachers... if it gets there. The Trop's four catwalks have prevented some moon-shots from ever coming down. Those catwalks, incidentally, are used to support the Tropicana's overhead dome. So bring a safety hat to the game.

Round One saw some feeble play by the Halos and Cubbies, while the White Sox and Brewers went down with a little more fight. I'm looking forward to the war between Tampa and Boston, as these two teams have quite a history of beanings and brawls.

Dodgers-Phillies should be no less interesting, these teams playing meaningful ball for the first time since Schmidt and Luzinski vs. Lopes, Russel and Garvey. I for one am hoping for a Red Sox vs. Red Sox West Showdown. Maybe D-Lowe will plunk Youk, and in the scrum Nomar and Manny will tag team Tito.

The Dodgers remind me of sushi wizards in Los Angeles that depart their master, taking along an elite chef or two, to start a copycat using the old place's tricks.

The Blue Crew snatched Red Sox PR exec Charles Steinberg. They started 'Think Cure', a Jimmy Fund rip-off. And they filled the roster with ex-Sox including Manny, Nomar, D-Lowe and Grady.

Big surprise - Dodger GM Frank McCourt is from Boston. And the Dodgers have become McCourt's Monopoly game dream team.