May 30, 2008

Lakers or Celtics? 1988 Q & A in Boston

In 1988, I worked on Temple Place in Downtown Boston. In May of that year, I asked the locals during a lunch break: Lakers or Celtics?

The poll was conducted during the Eastern Conference Finals, and everyone assumed Larry, Kevin and the Chief would prevail. But the Pistons finally vanquished the C's in the '88 post-season, with a squad that featured Dennis Rodman, Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars and John Salley.

Shot on High-8 video, its one of Pedro's first ever sports shorts, and shows a nice slice of workaday Boston two decades ago.

May 17, 2008

Joba is buggin'!

Joba Chamberlain has precision control. Except for the time he "accidentally" lobbed two heaters in a row at Kevin Youkilis' head. Like some closers, Joba does his version of an end-zone dance after a significant punch-out.

But Yankee reliever Goose Gossage, the arbiter of decorum, has indicated such mound displays are not in keeping with the Yankee way. Oh yeah, like the nest Gossage wore on his upper lip would have made Lou Gehrig proud.

May 13, 2008

This is sports news?

Maxim Magazine, purveyors of fine literature, feature a list of their '100 hottest women' in the May 20 issue. In an interview with amNewYork, Maxim revealed that a certain Yankee has dated a handful of them. This story spread, and was headline news everywhere. Why, I ask you? Why?

MLBPA free-agent investigation

This one's a head scratcher. Then again, we're talking about the Major League Baseball Players Association.

The MLBPA has launched an investigation into the free-agent market, investigating key unsigned players.

Just months after being typically uncooperative with the Mitchell Report on steroids, Donald Fehr and his boys now expect the league to line up and throw funny money at Barry Bonds and other unwanted, unsigned relics such as Kenny Lofton.


What's next - Fehr complaining of collusion against Rickey Henderson and Satchell Paige?

May 9, 2008

90 seconds at Staples with Pedro!

I shot some footage at Game 1 of the NBA playoffs between the Lakers and Nuggets at Staples Center - from my chair in Occidental's Suite. Oo la la. Never been in a corporate suite before. You print a barcode online that lets you in the door like it's a Sheraton.

Then it's sushi, cold cuts, sodas, beer, and more lap dances than I can remember... OK, not really - I skipped the cold cuts.

The view was superb - no obstructions ever. Better than many floor seats, where your focus and view are disturbed by vendors, or other fans coming down your aisle.

Not much of a contest - Iverson was lethargic as usual and the Nuggets looked like they wanted an early vacation. Watch Kenyon Martin play shadow defense on Gasol. And moves from the Laker Girls. I added audio from Chick Hearn to spice things up.

Clemens Roid Rage: Roger & Rusty show

The press conference in which Roger Clemens played an audio tape of his cryptic phone conversation with trainer Brian McNamee was played on ESPN so frequently it felt like a Zapruder film.

Watching Roger toss a medicine ball and run football formations in soccer shorts is just too hilarious and inspired the video below.

Is this Clemens' way of accounting for his oversized body - by holding public workouts for the media? Does he think that by breaking a sweat once in a blue moon, it will somehow explain the ridiculous feats he accomplished well into his forties?

May 8, 2008

A Day at Fenway with Don & Jerry

There is no greater joy than listening to Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy do play-by-play and color for Red Sox games on NESN. When Remy and Orsillo get the giggles, its as satisfying as a Harvey Korman and Tim Conway chucklefest.