November 4, 2008

Most Definitely

When I lived in Boston, I delighted in listening to Boston Celtics games broadcast on the radio by Johnny Most. Most broadcast games during the Celtics golden era (1953-1990), and his raspy voice is known to basketball fans everywhere.

Johnny was a homer, and became especially incited by the Bad Boy era Detroit Pistons. Laimbeer, Rodman and Mahorn got his goat, and he'd let everyone know that he didn't like their aggressive fouls and shenanigans.

Sometimes, Johnny became so enraged he would shout himself into a coughing fit. You really got the feeling he would go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

Most's longevity and popularity made him a great counterpart to Lakers legend Chick Hearn, who also announced over three decades - with the Los Angeles Lakers. Both had tremendous charisma and never held back from voicing an opinion.

Johnny once inadvertently set his trousers ablaze during a broadcast and never missed a beat. And there's a story that Most once complained of ear pain for months - until doctors discovered an abandoned earplug lodged deep in Johnny's canal.

Both Most and Hearn are missed...

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