July 26, 2008

Love Story in the Bronx.

For a number of years now, I have been a subscriber to the MLB baseball package. For a fee, I see games broadcast from every team's city through the inept Time Warner Cable.

I get to see some great play-by-play and color tandems, and some that put me to sleep. Of particular interest are the Tampa Bay Rays who have TWO teams of mediocre announcers that switch duties mid-game.

Thankfully, the Yankees and Red Sox are the only teams that didn't sell out to Fox Sports, who broadcast the remaining teams' games in the league.

The Yankees and Red Sox established their own lucrative cable-subscription networks apart from FOX. And in a world where there are only a handful of media entities controlling what we see and hear, it's nice to have YES' individual voice.

That said, many of YES Network's commercial and promotional spots often feel like a Leni Reifenstahl propaganda flick. Self-congratulatory and patriotic, the constant stream of spots are icky and hard to take. So, today I've taken a stab at YES...

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