May 9, 2008

90 seconds at Staples with Pedro!

I shot some footage at Game 1 of the NBA playoffs between the Lakers and Nuggets at Staples Center - from my chair in Occidental's Suite. Oo la la. Never been in a corporate suite before. You print a barcode online that lets you in the door like it's a Sheraton.

Then it's sushi, cold cuts, sodas, beer, and more lap dances than I can remember... OK, not really - I skipped the cold cuts.

The view was superb - no obstructions ever. Better than many floor seats, where your focus and view are disturbed by vendors, or other fans coming down your aisle.

Not much of a contest - Iverson was lethargic as usual and the Nuggets looked like they wanted an early vacation. Watch Kenyon Martin play shadow defense on Gasol. And moves from the Laker Girls. I added audio from Chick Hearn to spice things up.

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